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What types of mental health disorders qualify for social security disability insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Many types of medical conditions make someone eligible for social security disability insurance. What the public often fails to realize is that mental disorders also qualify.

The Social Security Administration uses a manual called a Blue Book. In it, qualifying conditions receive explanations. Professionals can argue with SSA decision-makers why an individual deserves payment under official definitions.

Anxiety disorders

Agoraphobia, panic disorders, and social anxiety are all mental illnesses that psychologists recognize. Written documentation confirming persistent, irrational fears is mandatory to secure compensation. Official reporting from a doctor should explain that a patient cannot work as a result of having one.

Substance addictions

Addictions have the potential to ruin lives. Those with severe substance problems involving alcohol or narcotics need treatment. This is best done when they can focus on getting better, away from the stresses of earning a living. Sex addiction could also be a qualifying matter. A statement from a treatment professional is necessary to justify monetary support.

Personality disorders

The side effects of personality disorders are often debilitating. Sufferers can become hostile for no reason. They may fear interactions with others or express odd thoughts and behaviors. These maladies are less severe than psychotic disorders. Despite this, earning a paycheck with such an affliction may prove difficult.

These are only some of the mental ailments receiving coverage under SSDI. Showing that you have one may be easier with help from someone who knows how to present evidence. Be sure that what you submit allows the verification of your statements to be true and accurate.