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Can you acquire SSD benefits for PTSD?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Post-traumatic stress disorder might impact your life in a number of ways, interfering with your job and disrupting personal relationships. Having adequate support when you deal with this type of mental illness could be the difference in the quality of your life.

Social security disability benefits are one resource you may meet eligibility criteria for. If approved, receiving financial support from the SSA could minimize some of the uncertainty that PTSD creates in your life.


Prior to receiving SSD benefits of any kind, officials will require you to submit an application. This documentation asks you for specific information related to your health history, your condition and its impact on your life. Claiming to have PTSD is, unfortunately, not enough evidence for the SSA to approve your application.

The SSA evaluates various illnesses and disabilities, breaking them into categories. PTSD falls under the “Trauma- and stressor-related disorder” section along with illnesses including adjustment-like disorders and other traumas. Religiously documenting each of your symptoms can strengthen your case. Additionally, work with your health care provider to acquire an official diagnosis that you can include in your application.


Even though you might always experience the side effects of PTSD, certain treatments may alleviate your symptoms and help you manage your emotions. Periodically, the SSA might require you to complete an evaluation to determine if your condition has improved at all. Depending on the results, they could adjust your benefits. If you reach a point in recovery where you no longer meet their eligibility requirements, they might suspend your benefits unless your condition changes again.

PTSD can create challenges in your life that many people do not understand. Filing an application with the SSA could provide you with the hope that the right support will enable you to live a good life.