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How does bipolar disorder affect work performance?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Experiencing mood changes is nothing unusual. It is when you abruptly go into euphoric or depressed states of mind that something may be wrong. This kind of mood shift could indicate you have bipolar disorder, which might interfere with your ability to earn a living.

Bipolar conditions affect people to varying degrees. Some people manage the symptoms enough to hold down a job. However, other bipolar patients suffer to such an extent that they need disability assistance from Social Security. The Mayo Clinic describes the different impacts of bipolar symptoms, showing how they can interfere with your job.

Symptoms from manic episodes

A bipolar episode can make you hyper. You suddenly feel like talking more than normal. Your energetic state motivates you to perform more work in a short burst of time. Your confidence level increases and you are upbeat about things.

However, a manic episode can also make it hard to concentrate. Thoughts race through your mind and distractions can mount. A manic state could also lead to rash decisions. Your boost in confidence might also impair your judgment, causing you to take reckless actions that you would ordinarily rule out.

Symptoms from depression

When your bipolar condition puts you in a depressed state, you will likely feel unmotivated to do your job. You cannot think about your tasks, or you refuse to commit to decisions. Bipolar depression can interfere with your sleep and make you fatigued at the workplace. Depression could also create serious imbalances in appetite, causing you to eat too little or too much, either of which may negatively affect your health.

Social Security Disability may be an option

Some people do not recognize that they suffer from a serious mental condition, so it is important to seek professional consultation if mania or depression starts to manifest. Health professionals may also help you manage your symptoms so you can still work. If your condition makes working difficult, Social Security offers disability benefits for bipolar disorder and other mental problems.