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4 ways to position your SSDI application for approval

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Submitting a successful claim to the Social Security Administration hinges on meeting their specific criteria on your application, even when you have a genuine disability. Understanding the SSA requirements that are necessary for approval can help you submit a successful application.

Reviewing your application and meeting the following guidelines significantly improve your odds of getting the disability benefits you deserve.

File your initial claim quickly and any appeals within 60 days

Apply for benefits as soon as possible after diagnosis. The claims process takes a considerable amount of time. Ideally, you want your claims process to begin before your disability insurance expires. If SSA denies your initial application, they give you 60 days to appeal. Do not miss this deadline.

Provide detailed proof of treatment

The medical treatment you have received is a vital part of your application. You must provide proof of treatment at least once in the three months before you file your claim, and proof that you visit a doctor once every two months. This is mandatory to qualify for SSDI.

Report symptoms accurately and include complete medical evidence

Detail your symptoms as accurately and clearly as possible to help SSA match your disability with its own listing of impairments. Additionally, the medical evidence you provide is critical for the acceptance of your claim.

Provide a detailed work history

SSA examiners use your work history to determine the severity of your disability as well as the degree of limitations imposed by your disability, so be sure to provide ample details.

Being careful to meet these guidelines can increase your chance of getting your SSDI application approved in a reasonable amount of time.