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What are the different types of social security benefits I can receive?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Social Security Disability

There are two major types of Social Security Disability benefits for which you may qualify.

Once you have completed your interview via your appointment, if the agency approves your application, you will work with either Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Insurance. To qualify for any disability insurance, your medical condition must prevent you from doing any substantial work and cannot be short-term in nature.

Social Security Disability Insurance

According to the Federal Social Security Administration, SSDI is for the following people:

  • insured workers
  • disabled surviving spouses
  • children of disabled, retired or deceased workers

SSDI can go to anyone who has a sufficient amount of work credits. The Social Security Administration determines whose work credits are valid and how many you need. The payments come from a pool of money that workers have paid into throughout their careers. SSDI can go to anyone, whether or not they have limited resources or low income.

Supplemental Security Insurance

On the other hand, SSI is for disabled persons who have little to no means of supporting themselves. You do not have to have Social Security work credits or a work history to receive SSI. These insurance benefits can go to the children of the disabled if their parents have limited income and limited resources. SSI benefits go to those in need, not to those who have made previous contributions to the treasury via work history.

Be prepared to fully document both your medical condition and your work history. Those deciding your future will do so based on the evidence in front of them.