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When could your Social Security disability benefits stop?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Social Security Disability

You might assume that Social Security Disability benefits continue indefinitely after approval. While your benefits will continue for as long as you qualify, there are times when your Social Security Disability benefits may end.

Understand the most common situations when your benefits may stop.

Do your medical records show significant recovery?

If you have recovered enough that you no longer meet the disability requirements, that can disrupt your benefit approval. To qualify, you must have an injury and be unexpected to recover for at least a year. If your medical records indicate that you have the physical capacity to return to a position similar to what you had in the past, your benefits may stop.

Did you return to work?

A return to work is grounds for your disability benefits to stop. Social Security disability benefits provide compensation when you are unable to work due to a long-term disability. When you return to work, the Social Security Disability benefits stop.

Have you reached retirement age?

When you reach the age of retirement, your Social Security disability benefits transition to traditional Social Security benefits for your retirement. The Social Security Administration closes the disability case.

Were you incarcerated?

You lose eligibility for Social Security disability benefits while incarcerated. Whether you are in jail for a short time or serving a prison sentence, your disability benefits come to an end.

These are the most common reasons why disability benefits come to an end. If you worry about losing your benefits, consider these factors to determine if that risk is a valid one.