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What does the SSA consider as a severe disability?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Social Security Disability

An injury can hinder a person’s ability to provide for oneself and one’s family. For such circumstances, Social Security disability insurance can provide relief.

However, the injured party must suffer a severe impairment for the Social Security Administration to accept the claim.

Serious limitations on mobility

The SSA does not cover partial disabilities. Workers must turn to other coverage, such as workers’ compensation, for these issues. The SSA only compensates for an impairment that it considers a total disability.

The SSA states that a severe disability interferes with typical daily functions. Such impairments prevent a person from standing, sitting, walking or lifting.

A person who cannot perform one of these actions for 12 months may meet the qualifications for SSDI benefits. Also, total disabilities prevent a person from continuing previously held employment or from adjusting to another type of work.

Examples of severe disabilities

Various conditions fall under impairments that the SSA considers severe disabilities. The agency lists 14 categories for adults and 15 for children under 18.

Such disorders include musculoskeletal issues, such as fractures, soft tissue injuries and spine disorders. Problems with senses and speech could also be a severe disability. Respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and genitourinary issues are other examples.

Mental disorders are an area some might overlook. A person who develops an eating disorder, anxiety or depressive condition that hinders the ability to work could potentially qualify for SSDI.

While SSDI offers a way to care for one’s needs after a severe injury, the SSA looks for convincing proof of such a condition and its effects. Injured persons must gather substantial evidence to build a strong application that the SSA will not deny.