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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions"

How are panic attacks and disorders different from one another?

Some of life's most difficult stressful transitions happen when we head off to college, start our first job or retire, get married or divorced or have our first child. The reason why these stages in our lives tend to be stressful is because they're when we transition into the unknown. Unless addressed, our anxious feeling can worsen causing a panic attack.

Poor documentation leads to Alzheimer's disability claim denials

Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease is one of few conditions that the Social Security Administration (SSA) includes on its Compassionate Allowances list. Anyone with a disease listed here can have their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits application expedited.

Common symptoms of a panic attack

Those who have never suffered from panic attacks often do not realize just how debilitating they can be. They are absolutely overwhelming. People suffering from them do not just feel nervous or frightened, they often cannot even speak. These attacks take over your life, making you live in anxiety about the next time one occurs.

What makes an anxiety disorder disabling?

If you're diagnosed with an anxiety or panic disorder, the odds are good that you have all the symptoms that are necessary to meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) definition of the disorder -- but qualifying for disability benefits isn't quite that simple.

Understanding common schizophrenia symptoms

Do you believe that a loved one has schizophrenia, or do you perhaps worry that you have it yourself? Are you starting to look into Social Security benefits, having heard that mental conditions like schizophrenia can qualify?

Can Social Security help people with mental conditions?

More than 5 million Americans with a mental disorder received Social Security benefits related to that condition. Many others, however, have seen their claims denied and fail to see helpful benefits arrive at their house. People should know the basic guidelines for benefits related to mental conditions.

Those diagnosed with PTSD may qualify for disability benefits

When you hear post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) being discussed, you likely hear about abuse victims, soldiers who've gone to war and others who've lived to tell about the particularly adverse set of circumstances they've been exposed to in their lives.

Mental health conditions might qualify for disability

Mental health conditions aren't often thought of as being able to qualify a person for disability. This isn't at all the case. You do have the possibility of qualifying if you can prove that you have a mental disability.

Disability claims can sometimes come from mental conditions

When people think of disability claims, they might automatically think of physical disabilities. These aren't the only disabilities that can qualify for disability benefits. Mental health conditions can also qualify as long as they meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) criteria.