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Increase in brain injuries creates cause for concern

Cases of traumatic brain injuries have increased substantially across America, causing a concern for medical professionals, sports professionals and the general public. Not only can traumatic brain injuries cause a dramatic effect on one’s immediate quality of life, they can also cause severe impairment and significant long-term effects, including dementia and stroke. Missouri residents suffering from severe and repeated cases of brain injury may be unable to work or provide for themselves due to these challenges. Some may turn toward Social Security Disability Benefits to provide them with long-term care.

Credit union illegally seizes Social Security benefits

When Missourians suffer from physical illness, they sometimes have difficulties at work and may be forced to quit their jobs. Thankfully, Social Security disability benefits provide assistance to people who face illness combined with the loss of a job and other obstacles.

Social security disability benefits possible after farm injury

While working in agricultural may seem like a peaceful job, the truth is that every year many people suffer farm accidents. Tractors are not always safe, and workers can sustain an accident injury when these vehicles overturn. Shifting grains in silos trap unsuspecting workers, farm animals step on or trample caretakers, and carrying heavy boxes of produce or equipment may lead to a back injury. Moreover, in modern industrial farms, workers can be harmed by exposure to chemicals used to treat soil and crops.