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Important Information About The SSD Application Process

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can seem very intimidating, especially if you have already been denied once or even more than once. Sometimes, it’s all in the preparation of the supporting materials. Let us help you.

Are you asking, “How do I apply for SSD?” For answers, contact one of the lawyers at Crowe & Shanahan online or call us at 314-231-6660 or toll free at 1-877-213-7793.

How Do I Apply? What Documentation Will I Need?

An SSD application for benefits can be filed online, by phone or in person at your Social Security Administration (SSA) local office. The SSA requires various documentation for an application for disability benefits, including:

  • Military service discharge information
  • Tax returns from the year prior to when you apply
  • The Social Security numbers for your spouse and any dependents
  • Banking information for direct deposit
  • A disability report that includes:
    • Contact information for yourself and someone who knows you
    • Patient ID numbers and dates of treatment
    • Names of any medications and the prescribing doctor
    • Types of jobs and dates employed over the past 15 years
    • Information of any other claims you have filed to receive benefits as a result of your disability

If you do not supply this information or if what you do supply is inaccurate or incomplete, your application will most likely be denied.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys can help you collect and prepare this information in the most convincing way possible to ensure you submit a complete package.

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