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What Happens After A Favorable Decision?

Even after an administrative judge has determined that you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, the process is not complete.

At Crowe & Shanahan in St. Louis, our Social Security benefits lawyers will explain to you what happens after a favorable decision, helping you navigate the process.

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Taking The Next Steps

Once you have been approved for Social Security benefits, there is a process the government must go through to confirm the appropriate amount of back pay and begin issuing monthly benefits. In terms of disability insurance, they must confirm the monthly rate. If there is also a workers’ compensation claim, those payments must also be confirmed, delaying back pay further.

If you are approved for SSI alone, the Social Security Administration has to go back and review your financial circumstances. They may have changed since you originally filled out your application, so the Social Security Administration must confirm that information.

Important Considerations That May Affect Your Benefits

SSI looks for additional income to reduce monthly benefits; some examples include:

  • If you’re living with someone who’s supporting you, in general, they count that room and board as if it were a gift to you. Gifts are a form of income, but room and board can’t be quantified. They reduce your benefits by one-third for any month you’re living with and being supported by anyone else and not paying your share. Once you start paying your share of the household expenses, you should report this to your local SSI office. You will then start receiving maximum benefits because you’re not being totally supported.
  • You cannot receive both SSD and SSI benefits in full for the same month. You will get your disability insurance payment if you are eligible for that. If your SSD payment is less than what SSI can pay you, you will receive some SSI each month to make up the difference.

What happens after you receive a favorable decision can be very complicated — our Social Security benefits attorneys can help make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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