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Preparing For Your Hearing

When you are thinking about what to expect at a hearing, the prospect of a judge making a decision that will so greatly affect your life can be pretty daunting. But the truth is that these hearings are rather informal.

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What To Expect

These proceedings are private and take place in a conference room rather than a courtroom, with an administrative law judge. There is no lawyer on the other side.

In most cases, the judge will bring in a vocational expert. These professionals are called in on a case-by-case basis as neutrals to evaluate your job history and determine if you have any transferrable skills which can be used in less physically demanding jobs that can be performed with your medical restrictions. Sometimes, the judge will bring in a physician to interpret technical medical data. Our Social Security benefits attorneys will have the opportunity to question these expert witnesses.

You will be sworn to tell the truth, but other than that, the hearing does not use rules of evidence. The judge and one of our Social Security Disability benefits lawyers will ask you questions about your medical problems, treatment and ongoing care, and they will ask for details about how this affects your day-to-day life.

In most cases, a decision is not issued at the hearing. The judge will then issue a formal hearing decision, which is a technical and very detailed legal and medical analysis of your case.

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