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Is your suffering due to hepatitis C preventing you from doing your job? Are you unable to perform your tasks at work because treatment for hepatitis C has left you feeling drained and ill all of the time?

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A virus that can be spread through sexual contact, a Hepatitis C-positive mother giving birth to a child, sharing needles or coming in contact with the infected blood of someone with the disease, Hepatitis C can start as an acute infection but quickly turn chronic.

Hepatitis C can also be disabling, causing significant impairment. The most common treatment is injections of one or a combination of two drugs: interferon (Pegintron) or ribavirin. The course of this treatment can go from six months to a year and generally makes people feel like they have really bad flu.

Seeking benefits for disability caused by hepatitis C can be difficult. People can have the virus with no symptoms at all, or may only think they are suffering from flu-like symptoms. In contrast, others can become horribly ill or even die from complications such as cirrhosis of the liver.

Our attorneys will work with your general practitioner or specialist to prepare the most convincing disability report possible, whether it is based on your impairment during treatment for hepatitis C or for its other potentially disabling symptoms.

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