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St. Louis Social Security Disability Law Blog

Do grandchildren get Social Security benefits?

Your grandchild lives with you. Can he or she collect Social Security benefits based on that relationship?

The first thing that you should know here is that there are over 2,700 rules governing Social Security. The whole system is incredibly complex. Do not assume there will always be an easy answer. There rarely is.

Evaluation of medical evidence revisions and doctor opinions

When people are not able to work, many turn to different assistance programs to survive. In some cases, those people may be eligible to receive disability benefits

There are certain rules and regulations surrounding Social Security disability that affect people's eligibility. In particular, the evaluation of medical evidence revisions reshapes the way that the courts use medical evidence for disability determinations.

Know your rights when you are filing for disability

Most people want to work at their job and eventually retire. Unfortunately, there are times when an injury means that you aren't able to keep on working. Instead, you will likely have to file for disability coverage so that you can still get the money that you need to survive.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you, because the application process isn't exactly easy to work through. When you are ready to file for disability, you should make sure that you are as detailed as possible. There are some very strict guidelines for who is able to get disability. If your case isn't perceived to meet these guidelines, you will likely be denied.

Social Security's backlog to be addressed

Nobody in the government is ever totally happy with each year's spending budget . In fact, the most recent one was signed by the President despite his vocal disapproval. However, there are quite a few people cheering at least one provision in the mix. There is an increase in the money allotted toward Social Security that's intended to help clear out the backlog of disability claims.

At least two senators were on hand to applaud the new funding for the struggling agency. Senator Wyden of Oregon and Senator Brown of Ohio had called on lawmakers to grant the agency $13 billion, which was twice what the President's own administration had requested.

Medical vocational allowances for SSD and SSI

When people develop disabilities, their conditions may limit their ability to maintain gainful employment. Thankfully, there are programs that provide assistance to help these people to continue to live productive lives.

For those seeking such benefits, it may be helpful to understand what they entail. Medical vocational allowances are key in many Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income claims.

Mental illness can impact a person's ability to live

Many different conditions can lead to life-altering impacts that can make it impossible to work and support yourself. When this happens, you will need to turn to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for benefits. These benefits can provide you with a fixed income and possibly medical benefits that can help you to live despite being unable to work.

Psychiatric disabilities go far beyond just simple depression. Conditions like schizophrenia can cause mood swings and problems that make a person unpredictable and impossible to deal with. This means that you would be unable to hold a job because you wouldn't be dependable and might not be able to do the duties.

Disability claims can sometimes come from mental conditions

When people think of disability claims, they might automatically think of physical disabilities. These aren't the only disabilities that can qualify for disability benefits. Mental health conditions can also qualify as long as they meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) criteria.

We understand that having to deal with the SSA might not be high on your list of things that you want to do, but when you are facing any disability that takes away your ability to support yourself, you might have to do just that. We are here to help you navigate through the red tape that you are bound to encounter on this journey.

What you should know about working while disabled

It's normal to feel relief once you've successfully gotten through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits. However, a lot of people end up feeling a little trapped as well.

You may find that your condition improves just enough that you could work a little -- and the desire to be productive is strong. However, the fear of losing the financial security of your Social Security benefits, including health insurance, looms large in your mind. Can you work without losing everything?

How do you know if you qualify for Social Security Disability?

There's a semi-secret list that a lot of people don't know a thing about -- but it's something that you need to know if you intend on filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) enefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps what is often called "the Blue Book" (named after the color the hardback copy used to be before the copy was available online) of "listed impairments."

Protecting yourself from Social Security fraud

The U.S. Social Security Administration is becoming especially diligent in rooting out instances of fraud. For example, it has been investigating instances of people receiving Social Security disability payments when they don't actually have a qualifying disability and other suspicious activity.

Through its efforts, the administration is also identifying criminals who, through identity theft, are stealing Social Security benefits from the real person who should be receiving them.