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Here To Help You File Severe Impairment Claims

If your disability prevents you from working, your financial concerns can add to an already stressful time. You may feel overwhelmed when you think about your future and your family’s welfare. Although you believe that you may be entitled to receive benefits for your severe impairment, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

At Crowe & Shanahan, our legal team is ready to assist you with legal matters during this difficult time. Since 1985, our firm has helped worked individuals in St. Louis and the surrounding area who are filing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. We are strong advocates for our clients and serve as a vital resource throughout the entire process, including appeals.

To discuss your Social Security Disability benefits claim, contact one of our attorneys online or call us at 314-231-6660 or toll free at 1-877-213-7793.

Focused Exclusively On SSDI And SSI Claims

At our firm, you can count on receiving the one-on-one service you deserve from an experienced attorney focused on securing the best possible outcome in your case. You will be a name, not a number. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the application and appeals process, so you can rest assured that we will help you navigate this intricate process efficiently.

At your first consultation, we will provide you with the information you need and answer all of your questions relating to:

  • Your denied claims and the appeals process — If you are initially denied disability benefits, the claims process is anything but over. Our experience and knowledge have resulted in many successful appeals.
  • How to choose the right lawyer — Experience is paramount, and knowledge is key — so is having an attorney who will spend the time necessary to understand your case. We are not a mill that churns out case after case; you will be able to access your attorney, not just his or her paralegal.
  • Family members getting benefits — The stress of being unable to support yourself is only made worse when your family members suffer financially. Our Social Security disability attorneys will work to identify your needs and those of your loved ones.
  • Working with your physician — An attorney must do more than build your case, he or she must work with your doctor to understand the medical issues you are faced with. We take a hands-on approach, working directly with doctors to make sure our clients get the benefits that will best suit their needs.
  • Unable to afford a doctor? — Medical treatment is essential, but it can be very expensive. If you are unable to afford a doctor, we will work to help you locate affordable options for securing the care you need.
  • Taxation of your Social Security benefits — Your benefits may be subject to federal and state income taxes. Not only can we help you determine if they will be taxed, we can help you plan for it, so you do not have sticker shock when tax season arrives.
  • Claims for people over age 50 — People over 50 who are unable to work due to an impairment face a different set of challenges than workers in other age groups. We work closely with clients who are over 50 to secure the benefits they need.
  • Helpful Social Security information for Seniors

Our St. Louis firm is locally owned and operated. For decades, we have provided prompt and skilled legal advice to individuals throughout eastern Missouri and southern Illinois. Take the first step toward receiving the benefits you deserve by speaking with a dedicated legal professional today.

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