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Why SSDI claims for workers 50 and older may be more complex

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Social Security Disability

Many workers are 50 or older. SSDI claims can become notably more complex for these individuals.

As workers approach this milestone birthday, several factors come into play.

Longer work histories and varied health challenges

Workers 50 and older often boast extensive work histories. While this may seem advantageous, it introduces a layer of complexity to SSDI claims. Longer work histories mean more detailed documentation, requiring individuals to navigate years of employment records. Additionally, older workers may face many health challenges, each with its unique set of medical records and complexities.

Shifting job requirements and skill adaptation

Job requirements change over time. Individuals 50 and older may find themselves dealing with shifts in their industry’s demands. In Missouri, the top industries include agriculture, steel, automotive and electronics.

Adapting skills and staying relevant becomes important, and the inability to do so may impact their ability to secure SSDI benefits. This adaptation challenge introduces an additional layer of complexity to the claims process.

Similarly, the Social Security Administration evaluates an individual’s ability to adjust to different types of work. For workers 50 and older, vocational adjustment can be challenging. The assessment takes into account factors such as education, skills and work experience. Older individuals may find it harder to transition to new vocations.

Age-related medical conditions

As individuals age, the likelihood of encountering health issues increases. Workers 50 and older may be more prone to age-related medical conditions, each necessitating comprehensive medical documentation. Establishing a clear link between these conditions and the inability to work requires careful attention to detail and thorough medical evidence.

Financial implications and retirement

Workers 50 and older may be contemplating retirement while simultaneously grappling with health issues. The intersection of financial considerations and health challenges adds complexity to SSDI claims. Individuals must navigate the balance between getting disability benefits and planning for retirement.

SSDI claims for workers aged 50 and older present a multifaceted set of challenges. Navigating these nuances is important for those seeking support in the latter stages of their careers.