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July 2018 Archives

Understanding common schizophrenia symptoms

Do you believe that a loved one has schizophrenia, or do you perhaps worry that you have it yourself? Are you starting to look into Social Security benefits, having heard that mental conditions like schizophrenia can qualify?

Social Security is going bankrupt and lawmakers plan to save it

A report released at the end of June by Social Security Administration (SSA) trustees suggests that some of its trust funds will be tapped out by 2034 unless changes are made to how benefits are paid out very soon. While they acknowledged that the benefits program won't cease to exist, they did note that millenials should expect to receive a quarter less of the benefits that they may have originally anticipated receiving when they came of age.

Workers' comp and disability benefits can be hard to understand

Most of us don't plan on getting becoming ill or getting hurt while on the job, but if you have, then you may be wondering whether you should file a workers' compensation or disability benefits claim.

How do you know if you can do different work?

When your SSDI claim is evaluated, one thing that gets a lot of attention is your ability to do work, both in the type of job you have been doing and in other types of jobs. Your age, educational history and relevant skills play into this. So does your medical documentation. Your doctor evaluates your injury and can give you and SSDI personnel an idea of whether other types of work are feasible.

What is the Social Security Disability 5-month waiting period?

Even if your disability is so severe that you're immediately approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you may not have any immediate relief. That's because Social Security imposes a five-month waiting period on cash benefits to beneficiaries entitled through its disability program.