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June 2018 Archives

Can Social Security help people with mental conditions?

More than 5 million Americans with a mental disorder received Social Security benefits related to that condition. Many others, however, have seen their claims denied and fail to see helpful benefits arrive at their house. People should know the basic guidelines for benefits related to mental conditions.

Avoid these common mistakes when applying for SSDI

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance can be a lengthy and complicated process, even when you do everything right. Just as an example, typical times for an SSDI hearing extend to about a year and a half in Missouri. Many people also end up making one or more mistakes that further delay benefits and add difficulties along the way.

Disability benefits have hidden positives over retirement

Social Security may no longer be the comprehensive safety net intended for older Americans that it was designed for, but it still serves millions of people with required services. Nearly 20 percent of people in the United States collect a benefit from the administration, and not all of them are retired.

Unexpected disabilities can lead to disaster without benefits

Most able-bodied Americans with sound minds do not spend much time thinking about how to manage a disability. The logistics of a new life with new capabilities are challenging enough without the limitations to a career that a disability may bring.

Reviewing your Social Security statement helps with planning

Social Security helped rescue generations of Americans from poverty and helps the rest of us worry a little less about retirement benefits. The days of thinking that our Social Security accounts will manage themselves are over, and we owe our future selves to pay attention to how our benefits develop.