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Social Security Disability vs. workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Social Security Disability

Missouri residents who are unable to work due to injury or illness may seek financial support through Social Security Disability or workers’ compensation.

These two programs serve different purposes. They also have distinct eligibility requirements, benefits and application processes.

Key differences between SSD and workers’ compensation

Eligibility criteria is a major difference. SSD benefits are available to individuals with severe, long-term disabilities, regardless of how or where the injury or illness occurred. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, is specifically for injuries or illnesses that happen in the workplace or while performing job-related duties.

SSD benefits are possible for as long as the individual remains disabled and unable to work. Recipients may also be eligible for Medicare after receiving SSD for two years. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically temporary, ending when the worker recovers and returns to work. However, in cases of permanent disability, ongoing benefits may be available.

Applying for SSD involves submitting a detailed application to the SSA, including medical records and work history. The process can be lengthy, often taking several months for an initial decision. Workers’ compensation claims are filed with the employer’s insurance company. Decisions are usually quicker, allowing for faster access to benefits.

Interaction between SSD and workers’ compensation

It is possible to receive both SSD and workers’ compensation benefits simultaneously in Missouri. However, the total amount received from both programs cannot exceed 80% of the worker’s average earnings before the disability. If the combined benefits surpass this limit, SSD payments may be reduced.

Understanding the differences between Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation is important for Missouri residents navigating the challenges of a disabling condition. Knowing which benefits to apply for can ensure individuals receive the financial support they need during difficult times.