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Statistics on Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Whether you currently receive Social Security Disability or you are planning on applying for these benefits in the near future, review statistics on this critical program. According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 10 million people received Social Security Disability benefits over the course of 2019. Moreover, the average age of recipients was 55 and a majority of disabled individuals who received benefits were workers.

In 2019, disabled beneficiaries received nearly $11.7 billion during the month of December alone, according to the SSA, which highlights the scope of this program.

Reviewing statistics on gender and monthly benefits

The SSA reports that in 2019, men accounted for under 51% of SSD recipients. Moreover, beneficiaries received $1,257 per month, on average. It is also crucial to note that more than 870,000 SSD recipients were removed from the program over the course of 2019. There are multiple reasons why people lose their eligibility to receive benefits under the SSD program and if you expect to lose your eligibility, you need to plan ahead and make necessary financial adjustments.

Reviewing data on injuries and SSD benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, more people received SSD benefits due to connective tissue and musculoskeletal system diseases than any other condition. Moreover, many people also received SSD benefits due to mental disorders. Among women who received disability benefits, nervous system disorders were another common condition.

Regardless of your age, gender or the type of disability you are struggling with, explore your different options and pursue the resources that you need to move forward in life.