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How do continuing disability reviews work for kids?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration provides disability benefits to individuals who qualify for them and often to their families. If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you can expect the SSA to periodically review your medical impairment to determine if you continue to qualify.

For adults, the frequency of continuing disability reviews usually depends on whether the SSA expects the qualifying medical impairment to improve. For expected improvements, the SSA conducts reviews at least every three years, although they may occur more frequently. For adults with impairments the SSA does not expect to improve, reviews happen every five to seven years.

Kids receive more frequent reviews

If your child qualifies for SSDI benefits, the SSA always conducts reviews every three years. This is true even if the SSA does not expect your child’s impairment to improve. If your child’s benefits come from a birth defect, the SSA is likely to begin a review by his or her first birthday.

On the other hand, if the SSA does not believe your child is likely to improve before his or her first birthday, the review may not start until after he or she turns one. Regardless, you should plan to go through a continuing disability review for your qualifying child at least once every three years.

The SSA accepts evidence of continuing disability

When conducting a continuing disability review for a qualifying child, the SSA essentially determine if the young one in your family remains eligible for benefits. Consequently, to prepare for the interview, you should gather medical records and other evidence to demonstrate your son’s or daughter’s ongoing eligibility.