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What are ways to handle a digestive disorder at work?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Social Security Disability

A stomach problem that only lasts for a day or two is not something that should interfere with your job. Unfortunately, some people experience lasting gastrointestinal disorders. The resulting stomach pains and bowel problems can make trying to work embarrassing, difficult, and perhaps even impossible.

Social Security offers disability benefits for a variety of illnesses, including digestive diseases. However, you might want to try to manage your condition at work if possible. Social Security may be more likely to approve you for benefits if you have tried in good faith to do your job in spite of your condition.

Taking measures at work

WebMD explains that modifying your diet may help manage or reduce your symptoms. Your workplace vending machine probably does not provide the healthy foods you need. If possible, bring healthy snacks or a lunch. If your condition dehydrates you, have a water bottle handy at your workstation.

Another step is to bring a change of clothes in case an accident occurs. You might be able to store them in your locker or desk. You could also bring wipes or medicines if necessary. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act may require your employer to provide reasonable accommodations to help you carry out your duties.

Pursuing disability for your condition

Using coping measures at work may not be enough for you. Your condition may persist or worsen. If it becomes clear that your condition causes you to miss work days, prevents you from conducting work tasks and causes you pain and suffering while at your job, applying for Social Security Disability could be an option for you.

Social Security covers a variety of digestive disorders. Be aware of whatever medical evidence you will need to provide to help boost your chances of gaining approval for benefits.