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Are you under surveillance for your Social Security Disability case?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Social Security Disability

If you receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, you may wonder if the entertainment industry’s portrayal of disability surveillance and private investigations is accurate. It is important that you understand what to expect as part of your case.

There are some things that every SSDI recipient should understand about surveillance and investigations.

Why would you be under surveillance by the Social Security Administration?

When you have a disability case with the Social Security Administration, there are a couple of instances when they might institute surveillance in your case. The most common reason for surveillance is a Continuing Disability Review. This process ensures that you are still eligible for disability benefits based on your physical condition. The Continuing Disability Review typically occurs every few years.

The Social Security Administration also requests surveillance in cases when they suspect fraud. Disability fraud can include exaggeration of your symptoms, false statements and hiding gainful employment.

How does the Social Security Administration conduct surveillance?

If you are under surveillance by the Social Security Administration, it happens in a variety of ways. The most traditional means of surveillance is in-person monitoring of your activities and behaviors, typically including video and photo captures. In most cases, that surveillance also includes monitoring your social media accounts and activity, including any posts that friends tag you in.

Be mindful of your actions and keep the Social Security Administration informed of any changes in your situation. The more forthcoming you are, the less concern you might have if you are under surveillance for any reason.