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PTSD and its impact on daily function

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Social Security Disability

PTSD is a condition triggered by a traumatic or terrifying incident. Generally, mental health professionals define PTSD as nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety. While most people have difficulty coping after a traumatic event, if the symptoms become worse or last for months or years, you may have PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can make it difficult for you to function daily.

PTSD and your quality of life

When you struggle with PTSD, it becomes difficult to live a normal life. You may find yourself avoiding places or people that may remind you of the traumatic event. It can disrupt your ability to maintain a social life or hobbies. In addition to reducing your enjoyment of life, it can also prevent you from caring for yourself.

The depression and anxiety caused by PTSD can make it challenging to keep up with caring for yourself. You may find eating, sleeping, or bathing after a traumatic event difficult.

PTSD and your career

If you cannot function daily, functioning at work can be more difficult. You may have severe mood swings at work or negative thoughts about yourself. Hopeless feelings at work can lead to poor productivity and care for your overall success. Additionally, you may find it difficult to concentrate or to remember important aspects of your job. In some cases, panic attacks can also interfere with your ability to work in public or to handle a stressful environment.

When PTSD disrupts your life, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits because of your inability to work.