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Understanding the social security disability approval process

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Social Security Disability

When struggling with debilitating physical or mental disabilities, it also means facing a financial burden.

According to the Social Security Administration, approximately 12 million people receive Social Security disability payments. Knowing that bills do not pay themselves, you may have questions regarding the approval process.

1. How does Social Security make a disability decision?

To obtain disability payments, you must provide evidence that your medical condition makes you unable to complete substantial work for at least one year or for during your lifetime. Determining the disability involves a five-step approach. This includes whether you currently work, the severity of your disability, whether Social Security includes your impairment on its list of conditions, your ability to complete current work, and your ability to do any other type of work.

2. What benefits might I receive?

The type of disability and its severity will play into the types of benefits you receive. Social Security Disability Insurance provides benefits for an insured worker and surviving spouse or children for retired, disabled, or deceased workers. People with limited income and resources may receive Supplemental Security Income.

3. How long will the process take?

Considering that many factors and evidence need to get looked at, a decision does not happen overnight. In general, Social Security strives to make a decision within three to five months.

When it comes to Social Security disability, every case has its nuances. Taking prompt action, completing requirements on time, and having all medical information readily available may help speed up the process.