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St. Louis Jewish community works to help disabled

In a blog post last week, we discussed the growing need for affordable housing for people with disabilities all across the United States. Today, we are happy to share that communities in St. Louis are taking action to help their neighbors with disabilties be able to live fully and participate in community activities. 

Earlier this year, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis started a program called the Inclusion/Disabilities Initiative with the intentions of gaining a better understanding of the needs of its disabled community members. In order to do this, the federation created a survey just over a week ago for community members to fill out. The group hopes that the responses from disabled individuals, parents of disabled children and others will help them better understand how the community can be improved to allow these individuals to participate fully. 

The survey will be available online to community members through July 3. The questions seek to assess what types of disabilities people in the community are living with and how they are involved in the community already. Additionally, survey participants are asked which community respourses they use and what resources they are in need of. 

The Jewish community in St. Louis is certainly setting a good example for how communities in the rest of the city and throughout the country should treat their disabled members. While we hope other communities will take similar initiatives, those who live with disabilities know that while having greater access to resources is helpful, it is not always enough. For many people, the financial challenges that come with a disability are the most overbearing. In those situations, it may be worth looking into Social Security Disability Insurance. 

Source: St. Louis Jewish Light, "Federation opens disability survey," June 13, 2013

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