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Experts weigh in on ways to reform SSDI

Is it true that the Social Security Administration is running out of funds to pay recipients of disability insurance? According to some reports, in three short years, the administration will be out of funds to pay people approved to receive Social Security disability benefits in St. Louis and throughout the United States. Consequently, economists and scholars with tax backgrounds are engaging in a current discussion on the problem and providing their opinions and suggestions to solve the problem.

A resident fellow of the Urban Institute provided his list of ideas which he believes will better prioritize and economize future SSDI spending. Among his recommendations: 

  • Encourage employers to modify jobs or create jobs for disabled workers.
  • Find ways to use medical care to better treat and heal people who are collecting SSDI.
  • Use rapid job training to keep potential SSDI claimants in the labor force.

A Stanford University economist also weighed in with social security disability insurance advice. He explained that 43 years ago, only about 2.7 million people collected disability insurance. Today, that number is close to 11 million people. He believes that the difference is due to the fact that disability benefits have become easier to receive. His suggestion to the Social Security Administration? Do not provide benefits to people who can work, and instead deliver disability payments only to people who are truly in need.

For people wondering if their medical situation legitimately qualifies for SSDI, it can be helpful to meet with an attorney. Experienced legal counsel can provide advice and guidance about the SSA’s requirements for determining disability. 

Source: Money News “Boskin: Social Security Disability Insurance Fund May Implode in 2016,” Dan Weil, July 17, 2013