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One of four 20-year old workers expected to become disabled

When tragedies occur in St. Louis that leave people with disabling injuries, consideration has to be given to how those who are left disabled and the families who relied on them for sustenance will be able to survive financially. Although in some cases, benefits and compensation are available through disability or liability insurance or workers compensation programs. Yet often injuries resulting in severe impairment are caused by conditions for which no liability can be assigned, such as natural and man-made disasters. In such events, people may wonder what other compensation options are available to them.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has made disability benefits available to those who are either expected to remain impaired by their disabilities for over one year or those whose disabling conditions will result in their death. It’s estimated that one in four of today’s 20-year old workers will end up disabled before reaching the age of retirement. For those people to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for injury, they’re typically required to meet the benefits’ requirements set by the SSA. Those requirements include the determination that one is no longer physically capable to perform their current job nor are they reasonably able to transition to a new job.

Given the aforementioned increase in the projected percentages of disabled workers, and with 19% of all SSA payments currently being made to disabled persons, it may be difficult for one to qualify for SSD after an injury. One hoping to successfully qualify for SSD may wish to seek representation from a Social Security law firm that has experience in securing these benefits for clients.

Source: “In the aftermath of a disaster, Social Security can help” August 28, 2013

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