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October 2013 Archives

Social Security Disability abuse not as rampant as many believe

For whatever reason, there often seems to be a stigma associated with those who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in St. Louis. Many may equate these benefits to a typical unemployment check being collected by someone who just doesn’t want to work. Disability benefits advocates would argue that those who share this opinion simply aren’t aware of what exactly one has to go through to meet the strict qualifications set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive this form if aid.

Taking a closer look at the SSD benefit qualifications process

For St. Louis parents living with a child with a mental illness such as autism, depression, or bipolar disorder, the daily stresses and concerns that they deal with can be overwhelming. Combine that with the financial costs associated with the child's care, and parents may wonder how they'll ever be able to handle the situation they're faced with.

Prominent disability attorney accused of SSD fraud scheme

People in St. Louis often wonder why, after paying into the Social Security fund throughout their professional lives, they’re required to seemingly jump through so many administrative hoops to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, if the need ever arises. Yet the Social Security fund may be much more fragile than many think. Thanks to cases of fraud and abuse, some national analysts believe that the SSD fund could be bankrupt in as soon as 18 months.

Qualifying for SSD benefits for illness not as easy as many think

Very few people in St. Louis anticipate ever being in a position where they can't work to support themselves and their family. They're accustomed to working through minor injuries and/or pain, and believe that no matter what the injury is that they sustain, they'll be able to overcome it and continue working in the same manner that they always have.

SSA encourages same-sex couples to apply for spousal benefits

While many other federal agencies have already established their stances on same-sex couples, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has yet to rule on whether or not to extend to spousal benefits to couples in same-sex marriages in St. Louis and across the country. It appears to some that what’s holding up the current discussion is deciding on how to handle those cases in states that do not recognize the validity of same-sex marriages, as the SSA currently follows a “place-of-residence” model in determining spousal benefits.