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Disability benefit assistance aiding in the fight against disease

Most in St. Louis probably don’t think twice about their ability to work and support themselves. They may believe that disability is something that they’ll never have to deal with, let alone face themselves. The common thought is that no matter what happens to them, they’ll simply continue to work in spite of it.

February is a unique month in that several days are reserved to remember the ongoing fights against diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Many of the Americans who suffer from these ailments are young in age. They too may have felt as though they would always be able to support themselves. Yet now, many of them find themselves relying on the assistance provided through Social Security disability benefits.

Statistics show that one in four 20 year-olds currently working will likely become disabled before having the chance to retire. Their disabilities may not arise from conditions as severe as heart disease or cancer; more-common ailments like diabetes or arthritis can still have similar disabling effects. Yet should they be required to miss more than one year of work to deal with their conditions, these people may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

One pays into the Social Security fund throughout his or her working career. That system is designed to pay back in the event that illness renders him or her disabled. The process of qualifying for these benefits can be a complicated one that may drag on for several months. Working with a Social Security lawyer during this process may offer the best chance at securing these benefits so that one can truly begin the road to recovery.

Source: “Disability benefits for what (severely) ails you” Trevor Drozdowski , Feb. 06, 2014

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