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December 2014 Archives

Trial surgery offering relief to cluster headache sufferers

Headaches, depending on their severity, can be debilitating for some people. They can cause visual impairments, nausea, light and sound sensitivity in addition to pain. For people who experience daily headaches or cluster headaches, this constant bombardment of pain can lead to depression or even suicide in extreme cases.

Can washing your hands lead to a debilitating disease?

We all know that there are some activities that have a higher risk of leading to a serious or fatal illness than others. We know that being around asbestos can lead to mesothelioma and that too much UV exposure can lead to skin cancer. But what about washing your hands? Could such a common behavior actually result in a potentially debilitating disease?

New treatment gives hope to patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma

Cancer is perhaps one of the most difficult diagnoses a person can get from a doctor. That's because your life expectancy depends heavily on the type of cancer you have and when the disease was caught. Then there is the frustration element of having to go through weeks and sometimes months of treatments.

House OKs tax help for those on disability in rare show of unity

When pundits talk about Congress these days, words that don't typically come up are unity and bipartisanship -- except in the context of what everyone says they would like to see from the institution. But in the waning days of the current Congress, it seems that members of this lawmaking body, at least in the House, have seen their way clear to rally together in a big way. And the intended beneficiaries of this action are Americans with disabilities, many of whom depend on Social Security Disability Insurance for their well-being.

Caltech research making thought-controlled prosthetics a reality

Science has provided us with a lot of stuff. From computer gadgets to medicine, there is no doubt that our world would be very different without these advancements. But there is still one advancement some of our St. Louis area readers are still waiting for and it's something that will help them fully recover from their spinal cord injury.