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What do your social media posts say about your disability?

For many people in Missouri and Illinois, as well as across the nation, social media has become a big part of their lives. Sites such as Facebook have allowed us to keep up with relationships strained by distance while sites like Twitter give us the opportunity to let our followers know what we're doing and our opinions about the world around us.

But could your status update on social media be saying more about you than you'd like it to? For people receiving disability benefits for an injury or illness, this could become a rising concern as social media use continues to rise. According to some experts, scouring social media for indications of fraud could become a reality in the decades to come, even among disability claims.

Some of our more frequent visitors may remember us touching on this issuing several months ago in an article we wrote.

According to a recent article in Business Insurance, social media checking is already being applied to workers' compensation claims, which can also include disabled workers.

The situation in disability claims has changed. We have seen several instances of Social Security fraud investigators checking people's Facebook pages. Because advancements in technology have made our lives more public, it is important for people to exercise caution when it comes to the things they post about themselves on the Internet. As we mentioned in our article, even a single tweet or picture taken out of context could jeopardize a claim, further necessitating the need for a skilled lawyer to help argue in your favor.

It's out of this concern that we'd like our readers to ask themselves one important question this week: what do your social media posts say about your disability? Better still, make your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages available to friends only. Only people you authorize should be able to see your posts and tweets. You never know who may want to look at them.

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