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SSA waits 4 years to pay man's back benefits

Getting the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you deserve can take time and patience. Unfortunately, many disabled people in Missouri and Illinois have precious little of either. They need the money to make ends meet, because they cannot go back to work.

If the process takes long enough, the applicant can end up being approved for back benefits to cover the time he or she was awaiting the thumbs-up from the Social Security Administration. But the process can be so complex and confusing to the average person that getting the money you are owed can be aggravating.

In extreme cases, the wait can put you at risk of losing your home. That is what nearly happened to a man who lost his job after suffering a heart attack six years ago. The man's doctor told him he could only work part-time, but his employer refused to accommodate him and fired him instead.

So the man applied for SSD benefits, but it took him four years and an appeal to get approved. Then SSA refused to pay him the more than $60,000 it owed him in back SSD benefits.

As the months passed, the stress mounted. The man's house went into foreclosure, with a sale date of May 1. One of the man's daughters said she was afraid she was going to get a call telling her that her father was in the hospital over this problem.

Finally, at the last minute SSA released the funds. A rep from SSA told WABC-TV that the agency "certainly regret[s] any inconvenience this problem may have caused."

Your best chance of getting the SSD benefits you deserve is to hire an experienced SSD attorney to help.

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