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August 2016 Archives

Creating a record for an SSD claim

With any legal matter, creating a documentary record is important. Because of the way most legal processes work, having documented evidence is necessary and if information is left out early on, that missing information could lead to your claim being denied. The risk is that you may be denied SSD benefits with a valid claim because  you failed to supply the correct document or information.

House proposes more cuts to Social Security budget

Social Security, as a program, consists of two important elements. There are the benefit payments, which are paid to those who reach retirement age, who meet the requirements for Supplemental Security Income benefits, or become disabled and receive disability benefits. These are all funded by various tax payment.

Ice bucket challenge heats up ALS research

The prognosis for serious illnesses can change dramatically over time as research and technology improve. What may be a disabling, life-threatening condition today could ultimately be treatable in the near future with ongoing studies and research.