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September 2016 Archives

SSD claims denied based on doctor's perfunctory exams

Dealing with a disability that leaves you unable to work is bad enough. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is necessary, as it may be your only viable source of income, if you succeed in your application. But imagine your frustration if your claim was denied due to a cursory and incomplete examination from a doctor. Even worse, what if you found out that he had been removed from the panel of doctors who provide SSA with medical evaluations of SSD applicants, but his defective reports were still used to deny claims?

What would real reform for Social Security Disability look like?

The Social Security Disability program serves a real need for Americans. It provides income for those who have worked long enough to be eligible and meet the programs disability standards. The program is expensive because of the great need that exists, the many people it serves  and the lack of any alternative.

The hard work of an SSD application

There is an irony about applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Filling out a successful SSD application is a lot of work. The irony is that you only apply for these benefits when you have developed a medical condition of some type that has left you unable to work for at least 12-months or that will lead to your death.

Social Security claims for mental disorders

One of the most difficult types of Social Security disability claims is that of a mental impairment. Medicine in the U.S. is materialistic, in that physical ailments and diseases or conditions that create physical evidence are typically considered more "real" than mental or psychological impairments.