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The hard work of an SSD application

There is an irony about applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Filling out a successful SSD application is a lot of work. The irony is that you only apply for these benefits when you have developed a medical condition of some type that has left you unable to work for at least 12-months or that will lead to your death.

This can be difficult. You are filing because of poor health, but the process of demonstrating that your condition is truly severe can be exhausting. Nonetheless, you want your application to be as compelling as possible and skip no detail. Incomplete applications that fail to provide evidence of a significant medical impairment are often denied.

It is important that your application for SSD benefits provide evidence that your condition truly severe. You may have little doubt as to its severity, but you need to prove this to SSA's claims examiners. The way to do this through your medical records. The more complete they are, the better able you will be to show the extent of your impairments.

Medical records that demonstrate you have been treated over the course of a few months or year, and that you have been continuing to receive treatment help to bolster the severity of your condition. 

It can be helpful to have your doctor explain your work limitations and your potential for changes in your condition. While your doctor's statements regarding your residual functional capacity will not guarantee your approval, it can be very important as support for your claim.

It is also important to detail your education, training and work experience, as SSA will examine your history to determine if you have the background to do other types of work.


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