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Misfortunes often comes in multiples

No one ever plans to become disabled. In case after case, you will read of how a string of unfortunate events can link together to leave individuals in difficult situations where applying for Social Security Disability Benefits may be the only option. A recent example is typical.

The husband was in his early 40s. He and his wife received a home through an inheritance. While it provided them with housing without a mortgage, the home was more than 100 years old. If you have ever lived in a home of that vintage, you know that it demands constant upkeep and maintenance because everything is old and fragile.

They have two cars, neither new and because they have managed to almost pay both loans off, they need to keep them in spite of one having been driven over 200,000 miles. So, outwardly, they appear to be in good shape, owning a home and having two vehicles.

But a few years ago, like many workers, he was injured at work. Only he did not fully realize the extent of his injury. When the full scope of the damage became clear, he required several surgeries for a painful spinal condition.

He should be able to return to work, as his surgeon has cleared him, but even after the surgery, he still has pain management issues and that doctor has not given him clearance to return to the workforce.

He applied for Social Security Disability like many, was turned down and so attempted to return to work. That job did not last, as he was unsuccessful due to his health problems still making work impossible.

Then, his wife also fell ill and went on disability through her employer. But those benefits have run out and they are without any steady income and have accumulated large medical debts.

For complex cases like this, the advice of an attorney may be necessary for help in obtaining SSD benefits, as the process is very technical and mistakes can lead to delays and denials.

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