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VA program could help veteran's with SSD benefits

One of the difficulties many applicants for SSD run into is the need for their medical records. Because the application is designed to demonstrate to the disability claims examiner that they suffer from physical or mental impairments that make it impossible for them to continue to work, medical records are important. These records provide the most compelling, objective evidence related to their health and ability to function.

For many individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits, this can be a challenge. If they have suffered medical problems during a period of years, a record of their diagnosis and treatment can help to show the severity of the impairing medical conditions. For instance, it can show that the condition is chronic, lasting for years or that its effect may be increasing, as with a back injury, where the ability to stand, walk, lift or carry weight deteriorates over time.

Veterans often have a mix of medical issues that resulted from their years in the service and from work after their military service. One of the elements of military service is duty assignments occurring all over the nation and the world. This can mean you may have seen doctors in numerous locations in the last few decades.

The Veterans Health Administration has announced one program that could make the transmittal of your records from the VA to the Social Security Administration less stressful. The VA has developed a new Health IT initiative that allows it to share records electronically with SSA.

The VA reports that it receives about 15 million requests for medical records every year from SSA, and this system should allow that process to proceed more quickly, and given the many delays that already exist in the SSD application and approval process, any program that can reduce delays and improve efficiency is welcome.

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