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June 2017 Archives

Does pain impact loss of function?

You're seeking out Social Security Disability (SSD) payments because you believe you've suffered a significant loss of function. However, what you're wondering about is how the government technically defines loss of function. Does pain play into it, or do you have to physically be unable to move?

Complex illnesses make for complex SSD cases

The human body is marvelously complex. Some doctors might characterize it slightly differently, as terrifyingly complex. With so much going on, there is a great deal to go wrong. Sometimes, it goes wrong in a clearly obvious fashion, as with cancer, which can devastate organs, and whose treatment can be as disabling as the disease itself.

Can we afford to cut the SSD program?

Cuts have been proposed by the administration for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. The reasons for the cuts appear poor. There are allegations that the program is growing, is out-of-control, that there is fraud, that the program is too easy to grant benefits and that it encourages individuals to quit working.