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January 2018 Archives

5 changes to Social Security that may arrive by 2020

For over 75 years, Social Security has been helping qualifying individuals who have lost their income, often due to disability or retirement. Right now, that means around 42.4 million workers who have retired are getting those benefits checks every month.

Options after an SSD denial

If you are unable to work due to a disability, Social Security can provide you with necessary financial assistance. However, sometimes the Social Security Administration may deny certain claims, and if the claimants do not agree, they must choose to fight the decision

Can I get SSDI if my injury causes me to become depressed?

If you suffer from persistent back pain or some other chronic medical condition in St. Louis, you may also end up with a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. It is extremely challenging to try and live your life while struggling with the pain of an injury that will not go away. You may undergo therapy and medical treatments, and rely on medications to make your condition more manageable. However, those treatments are often not enough to keep you from losing sleep, experiencing poor moods and other limitations that affect every aspect of your life.