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SSDI options for those who are disabled

Missouri residents may not realize that their Social Security benefits could be a significant asset if not their largest. As such, it is important to consider management of these benefits. The potential benefits may be the greatest for those with higher earnings during their work histories, but management is important for anyone to maximize amounts received through Social Security. Social Security disability benefits are important because approximately 14 million individuals in the U.S. receive these payments, many times more than those receiving assistance through welfare.

Important Social Security benefits and details

Missouri residents may not realize that there are several different types of benefits available through the Social Security Administration. Understanding each of these may be important as issues arise in life, particularly for those who are drawing closer to their retirement years. It is helpful to note that not all benefits are retirement-related. For example, Social Security disability benefits are connected with becoming disabled at any age. Benefits for eligible workers are dependent on recent work and duration of work in one's past. A medical condition must be significant enough that it will last for a year or longer or that it will result in one's death. The SSA does not cover partial disability.

Understanding disability benefits through Social Security

A Missouri worker may wonder about what will happen in the event of a disabling injury or illness, and an understanding of the Social Security system might be helpful. An initiative has been launched by the agency to provide the public with a better understanding of Social Security disability benefits and common misconceptions. An estimated 9 million individuals receive benefits due to disability status, and the ages and backgrounds of these people can vary dramatically.

Understanding Social Security and disability benefits

Workers in Missouri may wonder about what will happen if they face disabling physical conditions that prevent them from continuing to work. It may be helpful to review information provided by the Social Security Administration so that benefits are understood long before there is a need to use them. The SSA has initiated a public awareness campaign to ensure that the public understands options and so that misconceptions are clarified.

Appealing the denial of Social Security Disability benefits

St. Louis residents who are seeking to obtain Social Security Disability benefits may be interested in how the appeals process works. When a person's Social Security Disability claim is denied, they have just 60 days of receiving the letter of denial in which to file an appeal, which features multiple levels that allow for fresh reviews of the evidence.

Understanding Social Security disability benefits

While many Missouri residents may think of Social Security primarily in terms of retirement benefits, the disability benefits are also quite important. Social Security has been in place for approximately 80 years, designed to help individuals deal with the challenges of life. The program was expanded to include disability coverage in the mid-1950s. Approximately 91 percent of U.S. citizens who have not yet reached retirement age but who are old enough to be in the workforce are covered. The insurance provided is equivalent to a nearly $600,000 insurance policy.

An overview of children's Social Security benefits

More than 4 million children in the United States receive monthly Social Security benefits of $2.5 billion. These may be due to the disability, death or retirement of a parent. However, Missouri residents may be surprised to know that many eligible people are missing benefits. The most common benefit that people are aware of is that for surviving children when a parent dies. However, with issues such as parental retirement and disability benefits, awareness is much more limited about the eligibility for related spousal and child benefits.

Receiving Social Security Disability benefits in Missouri

Those who are facing a long-term injury or disability that will make it difficult or impossible to work may qualify for Social Security Disability payments. However, it can be difficult to qualify and strict rules apply for those who do send in an application for disability payments. For example, the injury must last for more than one year or until the applicant dies. In addition, the applicant must be under his or her full retirement age.

Judges accused of rubber-stamping Social Security claims

Residents of Missouri who are waiting for approval of Social Security Disability claims may be interested in the findings of a new report issued by Republican members of the House Oversight Committee. According to the report, 191 of the more than 1,400 administrative judges employed by the Social Security Administration approved more than 85 percent of disability cases between 2005 and 2013 with at least one judge reportedly approving 99 percent of his cases. The congressional representatives behind the report claim that the data shows that these judges have been engaged in rubber-stamping these claims without proper scrutiny at a cost of billions to a program that is already struggling financially.

Disability benefits denied following 8-minute consultation

Missouri readers might be interested in the details of a Social Security Disability benefits case from Tennessee where a man was denied benefits despite a lengthy medical file. His doctor, who has practiced internal medicine for more than 25 years, said the man suffered with his illness for 15 or 20 years before even applying to the Social Security Administration. The doctor has never before publicly pleaded that a patient be awarded disability benefits.